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Applied Medico-Legal Solutions Risk Retention Group, Inc. (AMS RRG). 

This partnership features a medical malpractice alternative provided exclusively to PIPAC Members.




Who is PIPAC?


Preferred Integrated

Provider Access Corporation

Preferred Integrated Provider Access Corporation (PIPAC) is a West Virginia owned and operated non-profit Independent Practice Association.  PIPAC was incorporated August 1995 by a group of Primary Care Physicians located in Monongalia and Preston counties who were trying to survive the evolving healthcare climate in West Virginia.  PIPAC provided third party payer contracting, centralized credentialing, group purchasing, and other combined business needs as identified by the members of PIPAC.  Quickly within the first year, physicians in surrounding counties began to realize how much time the new wave of Managed Care was demanding from their practice and recognized how similar services would help their office run more efficiently.  This resulted in PIPAC’s expansion into six additional WV counties encompassing specialty care, ancillary, sub-acute, and hospital providers.  As a result of continued growth in April 1997 a separate Management Service Organization, Regional Integrated Provider Access Corporation (RIPAC), was formed to exclusively service members of PIPAC.


Over seventeen years later PIPAC & RIPAC continue to have a strong presence in West Virginia’s healthcare community with 180 members geographically covering 17 counties.  Our office is located in Morgantown WV and we continue to focus our time and attention on service so that members can continue practicing medicine!  PIPAC gives West Virginia healthcare providers Our Time ~ Your Piece of Mind!


Our Mission



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