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Gardisil (HPV) Vaccine:  The Perfect Platform for Vaccinating Your Female Adolescent Patients








We are working hard to provide you with every opportunity for optimal vaccine pricing.  RIPAC has now partnered with Atlantic Health Partners, to provide PIPAC members with a national physician vaccine-purchasing program with a strong commitment to West Virginia.  Practices that participate with Atlantic order vaccines directly from Sanofi Pasteur and Merck; however, they receive better pricing and purchasing terms because they gain access to a national vaccine contract.  Enrollment is voluntary and there is no cost to join.


West Virginia physicians who participate with Atlantic report strong satisfaction with the program for the savings, ability to make smaller purchases, customer support, and ease of enrollment.


Specific advantages of the program are:

Advantageous pricing

Favorable purchasing and payment terms

Advocacy with the manufacturers

Managed care reimbursement support

Orders and delivery placed directly with the manufacturers

A partnership with the leading physician vaccine program

Thank you for your attention to this opportunity.  We encourage you to contact Jeff Winokur at Atlantic to get more information about the program: