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Company Profile


In the complex bureaucracy of modern health care, PIPAC helps reduce and simplify the interactions between individual providers, payors, vendors, and other entities.  By serving as an intermediary, PIPAC works to smooth out  the relationships.   By minimizing the numerous details and distractions that often compete for their attention, PIPAC allows our members to focus on issues that are more important to them and their patients. 


Providers-Payors Integration  PIPAC evaluates non-price issues of contracts with various insurance companies, health plans, and managed care organizations for its members and functions as a messenger between payors and providers.  The payors benefit by being able to offer their subscribers considerably more options in provider selection and cost savings from delegated credentialing and information dissemination by PIPAC.  PIPAC conveys offers to its individual members, allowing the member to decide whether to opt in or out of a contract.  This decreases the amount of paperwork, time, and cost that it would take the member physician if he/she had to deal with each payor on an individual basis.  


Through delegated credentialing agreements, providers benefit by being credentialed with a number of payors without going through an equal number of credentialing processes (which may include site visits and medical record reviews).  The payors benefit by being assured that providers meet their standards without bearing the expense of dispatching an auditor themselves and by having the paperwork for each new provider handled by someone already familiar with their processes.  All of the processes above lead to cost savings in the health care system, which benefits everyone involved.


Providers-Vendors Integration  PIPAC offers a different marketplace for health care providers and various businesses.  As a crossroads for these two groups, our staff is always looking for new Group Purchasing opportunities.  The small independent practitioner is afforded the benefits of "group" purchasing while businesses have a platform to reach a large customer base.